Social Media Management “Bespoke”


The Social Media “Bespoke” Plan is for businesses who are looking to develop strong brand awareness, build trust online, connect with and build lasting relationships with your target audience, and drive website traffic to ultimately increase sales.


  • Social & Website Audit 
  • Brand Consulting  
  • Regular Social Updates 
  • Social Listening
  • Marketing Campaigns 
  • Relevant Curated Articles & Content
  • Branded Graphics (*up to 5 per month) 
  • Curated Articles 
  • Traffic Funnels to Brand Website 
  • Branded Editorial Content (* up to 4 blog posts per month) 
  • Marketing Campaigns 
  • SEO
  • Monthly Reports 
  • 25% Discount on Project-based Fees
  • Optional Bonus: Free Rebrand

Social & Website Audit 

After you sign up, we’ll start by going through your website and existing social media platforms with a fine tooth comb. We’ll ask you about your goals, your target audience, and your competitors. 

Brand Consulting 

Our ultimate goal is for your brand to succeed. After we audit your website and existing social media platforms, we’ll consult you on areas where you can make improvement. Throughout our campaign, we’ll communicate with you and offer guidance. 

Regular Updates

We’ll schedule updates for every platform. Each update will be industry relevant and created with your target market in mind. It’s absolutely essential that your message never becomes infrequent, or falls silent all together. Social accounts that aren’t regularly updated appear outdated and lazy. The beauty of this feature is that you can run your own campaigns alongside it. Want to do a big promotion every few months and not worry about social media in-between? No problem, you’re covered! 

Social Listening

Social listening is so important for customer service and maintaining your reputation. Your accounts will be monitored so that you never miss a complaint or compliment again. All your customer questions will be answered, and any complaints forwarded on to the correct departments.

Competitor Surveillance

The only way to keep up to date is to keep an eye on what your competitors are posting! This is why we always survey what competitors are posting. Who is performing best, who is performing worst, and figuring out why. It’s crucial to making sure our content is better, and one step ahead of the competition. 

Branded Graphics

Branded graphics are a great way to take your social media up a notch. Posts with graphics get 150% more shares than written posts. The graphics depend on the business and it’s motives. Usually, they will feature quotes and happy, motivational vibes, which boosts shares and interaction even further. Because graphics are branded, each time they are shared, your company is exposed to new potential customers. This is a great way to grow your following too. 

Relevant Curated Articles & Content

The worst way to use social media is to constantly sell to followers. The best way is to provide content with genuine value that captures their attention.This is why we’re always searching for the latest content that appeals to our client’s target customers. 

Traffic Funnels to Website 

Once you have captivated your audience on social media, it’s time to convert them to website traffic! Depending on the brand and business, funnels could be sent to blogs, reports, company updates, newsletters, competitions, or any other features on your website. 

Branded Editorial Content

Having crafted editorial content will not only help to boost SEO on your website, it will also be a valuable asset to post on your social platforms to ensure your brand’s voice is heard. The Bespoke plan includes up to 4 blog posts per month. 

Marketing Campaigns

Marketing campaigns can highlight all sorts of benefits. Sales, new jobs postings, free shipping etc. We’ll run the campaign on the channels that will respond best, using custom graphics, and boosted sharing tactics. 


Strong social media profiles can improve your search engine rankings. But there are many more ways we can optimize your web pages and content to rank higher in search results. EX Labs has a deep understanding of Google’s ever-changing algorithms and experience in ranking high for competitive and local keywords, without paying for advertising space. 

Monthly Reports 

The rule of social media is that it takes three months to impact business. One month to build the following, one month to capture attention, and then another month until people act on it. The benefits of social media are improved branding, reputation, and trust. None of which are easily measured! Our monthly reports bring a little bit of clarity. Measuring each account’s growth, interaction, and website traffic. If you have clear goals, we can also help track your sales, conversations, and KPIs. 

25% Discount on Project-based Fees 

When you sign up for a monthly subscription with EX Labs, you’ll receive a discount on any project-based fees. Want to revamp your website? Add a weekly blog? Improve your SEO? We’ve got you covered. 

Optional Bonus: Free Rebrand

Rebranding efforts usually cost extra. But they also result in better social media engagement, so we’re more than happy to throw one in for free! You can opt for a full overhaul, or just freshen up your existing branding. For a freshen up, we’ll update your profile images and graphics using your existing logo and key color theme. For a full overhaul, we will design a completely new theme. Key colors, fonts, shapes, and images. And a sleek new logo to top it off. 

We will send you all the branding information and files should you wish to use it for business cards, leaflets, brochures or any other parts of your business.