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Welcome to EX Labs, the development / DevOps division of EX Media Inc. EX Labs specializes in consulting and digital development, with over a decade of experience. We consist of a creative and resourceful team of software engineers, designers and analysts working in an agile environment to deliver innovative products and an excellent experience.

EX Labs operates on the principle of creating lasting, value-added relationships with clients while finding innovative solutions to their most challenging problems.

As the digital landscape has constantly changes, we continue to adapt with it, adding PHP, NODE.JS, React, React Native, Vue.JS, TypeScript, along with other technology stacks to meet the evolving needs of our clients.

Our Areas of Expertise

UX / UI Design

User-Experience and User-Interface. In Human speak it's the flow, and form factor through which your users/customer interact with you digitally. We focus on: Human-Centered Design, Wireframes, User Testing, User Interviews, Interactive Prototype, Visual Design.

Content Strategy

Content development is can be more science than art  when considered in the context specific ROI goal. Covering: SEO/SEM, Web Copy, Product Descriptions, Blogs Press Releases, Auditing.

Product Development

Applications aren't only for the mega enterprises and don't need to be daunting or expensive.

Software Solutions

In 2020 we have all learned that being connected, organized and communicative is important. Customized software solutions, powered by cloud services, can create greater efficiency, added value or facilitate growth all the through the magic of automation.

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Quick Start Products

In effort to make it even easier for our clients to get where they need to be - we've packages some of our more popular services into neat and tidy products.

Mobile App for Business: Start to Finish Complete Guide

Mobile App for Business: Start to Finish Complete Guide

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