Manage Lifecycle

Our relationship doesn’t end when your project is complete. To make sure your product is dynamic and continues serving your business needs, we provide continued management and support for the life cycle of your product. We specialize in responsive and adaptable digital solutions, and we’re here for you through development and beyond.


Here’s the fun part. With the right technology identified, we use an agile scrum approach to complete your project in stages called sprints. You are in constant contact with your project manager to stay up-to-date on project developments, and to make any necessary adjustments. Our flexible approach and plan matrix allow us to adapt to […]


We know your needs, we’ve got a plan: now it’s time to find the right technology to make it a reality. Using wireframes and the prototype(s) developed during the planning phase, we identify the best technology for your project, whether it’s web-based, mobile, or something totally unique. .


Once we’ve identified what you need, and verified feasibility we begin our strategic planning process. We draw on a decade of experience planning large-scale projects with cutting edge technology and use a method called design thinking to develop the project plan, as well as a full matrix of contingency plans to proactively prepare for any […]


Once identify an appropriate development stack for your project we then take steps to ensure viability of the concept based on the available technologies and project parameters.


A full-service consulting and software development company, we advise on and provide a broad spectrum of services, including iOS and Android development, responsive web development in a variety of languages and much more. We will start by asking questions and establishing your vision to determine the discrete needs of your project. Once we have this […]