Mobile App Development Starter Kit


This starter kit will get you through the first phases of the application development process, including a working prototype.

*This amount of this order is 25% total estimated development cost ( $7200 ) to reserve your spot in our development queue. This is a full service set up. Upon completion of this order you will be contacted by an account representative for initial onboarding process and payment plans options.



You have a great idea for an app, but where to start? Well, building an application can be a lot like building a home or a new business – It takes specialized skills, lots of research, planning, testing and bit of red tape before you can get something out to market via The Google and Apple App Stores. Need more info? Check out our blog: How much does it cost to build and maintain a mobile app?

The Process

Once we determine your project is viable you will receive a e-sign request and your first installment will be charged; otherwise we’ll inform you that we either need to change parameters or terminate the project.

The first phases of the application development process are as follows:

Research & Planning – Technical Assessment, Requirements, Goal mapping, Documentation
UI / UX Design ( User Interface / User Experience Design )
Prototype Construction – A working example of your finished application.

The final steps following this:

  • Prototype Review and Feature Development
  • Testing and Launch to App Store ( Google Play Store / Apple App Store )


  • Working Mobile App Prototype
  • Working Admin Web Interface for managing content and other app features.
  • Design Mockups
  • App Suite Documentation
  • Development Roadmap