Web Services Complete Support

$0.00 today! Then $199.00 each month

This is a monthly subscription service. Meant for those who are done doing it themselves or businesses that just require pro-level devOps support for their business website, application or online store.

Additional details in description below.

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This plan includes:
Hosting Support
Domain Name / DNS Support
Email Services
eCommerce Support ( for Shopify, WooCommerce, SnipCart )
Search Engine Console Support – Webmaster Tools
Monthly Audit Reports ( 1 domain / website )
Live Video Conference Support ( up to 30min / monthly )
Live Chat via Slack

This program covers, but is not limited to: Static Sites, WordPress, WordPress/WooCommerce, Shopify, Drupal, Drupal Commerce, Joomla, Firebase and Laravel based applications. Contact an account manager for additional details.

Getting Started
The first month is primarily setup and discovery oriented.
To begin, our devOps lead will connect with you to get a general run down of your setup, key issues, and ensure our team is setup with access to then audit your application, website, web-store or web service.

How it Works
Our Web Services program is billed as “unlimited developer support” program, and it is. However, to offer such a service at this price point and also to ensure the best experience, we operate on a ONE ISSUE per month basis. This allows adequate time for review and research into issues as well as find solutions that are high quality vs. duct-tape style patches. If for some reason we need to divert attention to another issue, during a regular cycle, we can do so TWICE at no additional cost. This is based on our Good, Fast, Cheap Approach – with Good and Cheap being the default keywords for this program.

No Issues, No Problem
Investment in Web/Application support need not be limited to when there’s an issue. In fact better to get enrolled before one appears. That said, even when there isn’t an active issue or open ticket with you account we’re still hard at work to make sure that operations remain smooth. We call this audit, update and maintenance mode. That’s because besides errors and bugs – a major component of application upkeep is software updates, backups and version control.