Everyone who has ever had a website wants people to find it…

And for most, that’s where the trouble begins. The internet is a pretty big place. 

How big is it? About 17 million Petabytes and counting. Don’t know what a Petabyte is? No worries. We’re about to tell you. Do you remember those awesome floppy disks that used to hold a megabyte and everyone thought they were so amazing and futuristic? Well, one Petabyte is equal to roughly a billion of those multicolored, hard plastic contraptions that we all used to store school presentations and work files. And the internet is doubling in size every two years. 

So, let’s say you’re using your website to sell your beeswax candles, and you want people to find your online shop. Well, if you Google “beeswax candles”, you’ll find that there are 7,150,000 results. With all that competition, you might think your poor beeswax candle website is doomed. Well, we’re here to tell you that it’s not. Because search engine optimization (SEO) can save your website from ranking at the bottom of those 7,150,000 results. Roughly 91% of people who search for a topic on a search engine do not go past the first page of results. If you are looking to grow your business, you need to be showing up on that first page.

But what exactly is SEO? Some people think that it’s some weird Internet voodoo that can make crappy websites rank at the top of page one of Google at the drop of a hat. But, those people are wrong. The truth is, SEO is a strategy that allows your site to get the best ranking it can. It’s a long term process that involves every aspect of your website–from the content and design to the speed and backend–and tasks that need to be done periodically to ensure your website has the very best chance of being ranked and seen. Google (and other search engines, but let’s be real, no one actually uses Bing) is constantly updating and changing its algorithms and parameters that decide what is good and what is bad and ranks websites accordingly. Following all of these changing trends can be overwhelming for a small business–after all, you have all of those beeswax candles to sell!

That’s where we come in. With EX Labs professional SEO services, you can keep your website from sinking deep into the dark abyss of the Internet. We’ll help you to establish your brand online, increase quality traffic to your website, and reach more potential customers. We make sure that the content on your site is well written, thoughtfully and beautifully designed, and keyworded and tagged to feed into your overall SEO strategy. We’ll also maximize your visibility around the web with external content and links.